Saving Grace Christiana Pigott

First, she feels the covered wagon she is sitting in shake. What is that? A pang of fear strikes when she realizes it is the pounding of racing horse feet.  Then, she hears the shrill war cries of angry, foreign voices.  Next, she sees the painted faces of a war party.  Denise Cyr and her family, pioneers on their way to Montana, are in imminent danger.  The angry war party approaches, what could possible save them? LISTEN
All music created with Garage Band
Interview with Prudence Pigott conducted by Christiana Pigott
1) “Buffalo herd” by Flickr user mrbillt6, Creative Commons 2.0:
2) “Bronzed Caramel Czech Glass and Faceted Smoky Quartz Gemstone Catholic Rosary Beads” by Flickr user AdornedArticle:

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