Pointe Taken | Kali Relina Mehrotra

Ballet—one of the prettiest forms of dance. Do you know this song?  Yeah, yeah… You probably do. It’s from that show your parents used to take you to when you were little every time Christmas time rolled around. Now imagine this: bloody toenails. Ew.  Shin splints. Ouch.  Hardened callouses.  Attractive.  And not being able to get a pedicure because it’ll soften your feet? Oh the glory of being a pointe dancer. LISTEN

Tchaikovsky’s”Dragee and Mirlitons” by the  National Military Band, from “The Edison Phonograph Monthly” v.12 (1914), Belfer Audio Archive, Syracuse University.

Ballet_Feet” by Flickr user Balletstar011, Creative Commons 3.0


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