Who’s On First? | Ken Syme

Seinfeld, or the show about nothing, made the most mundane moments amusing and found a way to mirror life through witty dialogue and insightful self-examination. But the show drew inspiration from the work of a comedy pair from the 1940s and 50s known for their lowbrow, slapstick routines. This comedic pair of Bud Abbott and Lou Costello, dominated the vaudeville scene for decades and created the famous comedy routine, “Who’s on First.” Their work heavily influenced Seinfeld in a number of ways. LISTEN

1) “Who’s On First” by Abbott and Costello, Creative Commons 2.5.
2) “The Fix-Up” Seinfeld, Season 3 episode 16
3) “1940s Abbott and Costello” by Flickr user Mr_Screenland Esq, Creative Commons 3.0.
4) “2012_06_24” by Flickr user thatblog, Creative Commons 3.0.

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